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As 2013 is coming to an end, Nike has no pre-relaunch under Air Force 180 shoes; it was after 2007 years 5 years ago when Nike, 180 to all Air Force once again. Retains the vamp on the belt and shoes Nike Air logo on the heel, the new Air Force 180 Black Suede makes, decorated with blue and red respectively on the upper and Swoosh logo on the use of all-white, gives a new look to classic design. Borussia Dortmund Club revenues hit a record 305 million euros last season, if teams in the Champions League went even further, creating a new record, and perhaps. But compared with the Bundesliga leader Bayern Munich, Dortmund, there is a large gap. More out of a good thing that year was Warsaw, organizations such as the former Soviet Union countries boycotted the Los Angeles Olympics when the United States album cover is also an incomplete rings and misshapen that ring is also one red ring. Therefore, also claims that Russia is cheap nike lebron 11 referring to then United States media creativity, irony not to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi United States leaders. For speculation and "conspiracy theory" story, opening of the Sochi team naturally does not accept that they sincerely said, was a technical fault. All the shoes Air Jordan series enthusiasts had a very important position, one of the "Bred" color scheme of the Air Jordan 1, be considered Sneaker sneakers culture began. As a color attracts shoes, NBA President David Stern even banned at the time Jordan was wearing this shoe play, nike kobe 8 sale immediately caused an uproar after Union annulled the provision, so as to establish Air Jordan's image in people's minds a free spirit. Nike decided to compound the double this year is a landmark "Bred" color scheme, in addition to the red and black colors of the classic match, retained the first version of the "Nike AIR" logo, time seems to go back to the taste of the Air Jordan series initially, let us again recall the original shoes culture is all about.

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