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The London Olympics, United Kingdom warship is at the visitor's side, when security checks were uniformed soldiers. Russia saw a soldier, perhaps the military security, but people don't see it. Deputy Head of the Chinese delegation Xiaotian evaluation: personal feeling, whether complex hardware or volunteer, sports organizations, including the security, Sochi Winter Olympics is one of the best editions adidas rose 3.5 cheap so far. As the old sports workers, I feel here is harmonious, we are very happy here. Of course, enigmatic Russia delegation. In addition to slip in the spending projects is alleged to have used outside the home is suspected, seldom heard the track teams and the media complain that hosts are not obscured. Paris store Colette fashion is to break the boundaries of one of the pioneers of street fashion and fashion, Colette recently was invited to the New York sports brands in recent days to cooperate hand in hand PONY to create a co-branded footwear series. In the series, the representativeness of its most classic shoes PONY Topstar as outlines. Among them, low cylinder version with white as the melody, nike kd 5 for sale over a large area of white leather shoes, shoelaces, Logo on the side and the injection of Colette the color blue as an embellishment on the insole; and high versions with blue as the melody, combined with white shoelaces, soles and Logo. With Christmas looming, high-end line owned by Converse Converse First String also launched a new "Christmas" series, for the festive holiday ornament. The series altogether two color schemes that are set out with the classic Chuck Taylor All Star for the prototype. Hi-versions of the "Santa Red" color scheme with Santa Claus, inspired thinking, body composition and Red canvas shoes, with sandals classic brand Logo and white rubber sole and low versions of "Amazon Green" color matching the symbolic Christmas tree-green-melody, and is equipped with a classic white outsole. Club CEO Watts, said: these encouraging data is further proof of our Club to stabilize growth, and remain a competitive and economically competitive.

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